A Different Way


The family patriarch suffers a stroke and his wife has to take the reigns to save the family business.


This used to be my business, but it’s not business any more.

Bob loved to work. This was his hobby. This was his everything. He was very strong and very, when he said something, it was, it made sense, it mattered. You listened to Bob. Bob ruled.

Well, I was always the wife. I always listened to what he wanted to do and that was the plan of action. Now, I’m running everything.

Popcorn Supply Company, this is Nancy. Can I help you?

It makes me feel very worthless. I’m not required any more.

I discovered him on the floor in the bathroom. You don’t remember much because you go black and I was out for over a year. Luckily, (I) had my wife to thank.

It was a major stroke and when he first came home, he couldn’t do a thing, so it was a long, long struggle for him. He’s working at it coming back every day, getting stronger and we’re all getting stronger.

How’s the big guy doing? He’s doing good. He’s out in the back. Oh he’s in the back? Yeah, he’s in the back. It’s ahh, slow you know but it’s coming.

We’re still adjusting to it. I’m still adjusting to it. It’s a different way of our marriage of what we had and what we expected to always have. We’ve worked in to a different relationship now, but I think it’s a nice one.

Nancy is doing just fine. She’s doing very well. She’s has a great head on her shoulders.


Directed, Filmed and Edited by
Charlie Mahoney

Shot on Location
in Syracuse, New York

Special Thanks to
Bob & Nancy Wolcott
Eric Seals, Kristyn Ulanday & Matt Hashiguchi

© 2015 Charlie Mahoney