What More Could You Ask For  ()

A jack of all trades living in rural Maine discovers the soul summoning sound of the Scottish small pipes. He orders a pair from Scotland. After a month's time they break down in Maine's dry winter climate, so he sets out on the tradition rich journey of making them on his own. More info

A Different Way  ()

What happens to a family business when the person who made it run for so many years suffers a life altering medical illness? More info

Introducing Mindfulness in the Classroom  ()

Teachers who have introduced mindfulness practices to elementary schools in Cambridge, Massachusetts find a positive result. More info

Family Entrepreneurs: When Stake Holders Strike Back  ()

What happens to a New England supermarket chain when a beloved CEO is fired by co-owner and cousin during a long standing boardroom family feud? More info

Blood in the Sand  ()

On July 28, 2010 the parliament of Catalonia voted to ban bullfighting in the northwestern region of Spain. This multimedia piece was shot and filmed in Barcelona's Plaza Monumental during the months leading up to this historic decision. More info