Connected Yet Alone

Technology is supposed to make us more connected, but is it? Or is it making us more alone?

Living in the Shadows

An ongoing long term project about the life of undocumented African migrants who live both visibly and invisibly in the shadows of Spain’s society.

A Troubled Paradise

To the tourist’s eye the Maldives is a dream destination, but lurking beneath that vision is a troubled reality.

The Last Bullring

A self initiated project about the controversial ban on bullfighting in Catalonia, an autonomous region in Spain.

Holy Week Leon

Located on the high mesa of Northwestern Spain, Leon is the coldest region of Spain. It is also home to the most austere Holy Week celebrations.

Ancestral Calling

A personal journey documenting the land where my paternal grandfather, John Joseph O’Mahony, was raised and ultimately left… never to return again.

Urban Tribes

In the 30 million plus populace of Mexico City, adolescent youths rebel against conservative societal norms by aligning themselves with urban tribes.